Vault is an educational program which works with secondary schools.
The service was conceived in an attempt to better the state of education in personal finance in India.

The consultation service provides either educational material or educators themselves according to a periodic visitation schedule the school chooses, to use engaging and diverse teaching/learning methods and make the topic more engaging to the youth of today.

Why ‘Vault’?

Chamber used for safekeeping – but also the jump of an athlete over a hurdle or obstacle.

Vault’s main aims:

Bring topic of personal finance into a relevant learning environment 16-20 year olds engage with.
Erradicate hesitance to discuss financial matters that are “personal” even within the household.
Give soon-to-be earning adults a dependable source to ask questions ahead of time.
Remove daunting regard around finances and ease youth into handling their own.
Instill a sense of responsible spending and saving for a safer financial future.

Study material samples:

The website for the service acts as not only a gateway for Vault itself, but also personal finance in general. The website contains playlists of videos which address one larger topic and break the concepts within down into much simpler terms – that anyone can understand.

Visitors, as they explore more, may also use the website to pursue a crash course or online learning tool for the topic which will be linked on the page – if the companies tie-up with Vault. Further, if they have questions or concerns they can ask a question on the website, and direct it to the instructor they’d like to.

Sample topic video:

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