Meera Shampoo Rebrand


The mission for this project was to be able to create a revamp advertisement campaign for Meera Shampoo.
Though it has a long-standing history and a significant consumer base in Southern Indian states, Meera limits itself to a brand language and messaging which appeals to only one consumer group – adult Indian women.

The approach here is to retain its existing tagline and product values and build on them to expand into newer consumers within the market. On the surface, as remembered by the consumers the message stays the same – Meera is a unisex shampoo brand that serves the best possible healthcare by combining natural elements with modern technology, and delivers exceptional results for diverse haircare problems.

The idea also largely focusses on removing the male hair care sector from the metal-grit-testosterone approach and instead, encouraging real nourishment and care.

Video advertisements

Short TVAs that can also be used on social media. The idea is to use regular, relatable boys with varying but realistic hair so the consumer can identify with them.

Individual ads can be found here:
The campaign outcomes all are edited to maintain the rooted-in-history and ayurvedic angle Meera uses in their product advertisements until now, in a different way.

Billboards/social media posts

The campaign is also being treated as a movement of sorts into placing more attention on male hair care. Which is why the billboard advertisements’ messages also focus on telling younger, male audiences that their hair and appearance matters not for vanity, but for health and maintaining themselves.

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